3D Printing Pen,Creative Drawing Pen for Kids Children Gift Kit,Intelligent LCD Screen Package with 12 Colors 3m PLA Filament,USB Charging Cable,UK Plug (Black)

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  • Creative 3D Print Pen : 3D Pen helps children improve spatial thinking, creativity and artistic skills. It’s also a great way for parents and children to spend quality time together. The intelligent and creative design make it safe and helpful for kids to drawing with.
  • Environmentally Friendly Materials : Compatible with 1.75mm PLA filament. Intelligent 3D Drawing Pen is made from skin-friendly materials, the refills and 3d pen has no strange smells. Pack of 12 Different Colors, Each color 10 Feet. Compared to ABS, the PLA Filament is a more eco-friendly, it is a corn based plastic that is considered safer by 3D print enthusiasts. Melting is non-toxic, odorless, which is safer than ABS.
  • Adjustable Temperature / Speed : A LCD display with buttons for loading / unloading and adjusting the temperature and speed. 2 different speed options meet all of your needs. You can choose the appropriate mode according to painting proficiency. LCD screen lets you monitor temperature of material and extrusion speed when you enjoy drawing 3D model.
  • USB Port Power Supply : The 3D pen is powered by USB, can be charged by mobile power bank, computer, laptop, which more convenient for you to drawing indoor and outdoor. (Make sure the current is 5V/2A). You can use it at home, in school, in art drawing class.
  • Ideal Gift & Friendly Customer Service : Thanks for choosing our Fantastic 3D printing pen, this 3D pen is a perfect gift for kids to create 3D masterpieces. It is required that children should use this pen under adults supervision. For more details, please message our customer service at any time. We will reply and help solve your case asap.

Colour Name:Black

Operation Instructions:
1, After connecting the pen to the power supply(5V/2A), it enter into standby condition when the LED screen displays “PLA” . 2,When the power indicator turns green ,press the “ ▼ ”button, load the PLA filament.
 3, Press the “ ▼ ” button once to start loading, press the “ ▲ ” button once to start unloading automatically.
 4, After using the pen, please press the button “ ▲ ”to unload the filament, please finish unloading progress at one time.
 5, Press the “ ▼ ” button to adjust discharging speed.
6. This product will automatically enter into standby mode without using of 3 minutes and the LCD screen displays “”SLEEP””. Please press the “▲” button  once to activate.

Supported material: 1.75mm PLA 
Input rated power for adapter: 100 / 250V
Output rated power of device: 12V 2A
Recommended temperature:Filament: 180 – 210 ℃
 Spinning speed: Adjustable

1 x 3D Pen
1 x UK Power Adapter
12 x PLA Filament ( 3.3M per Loop )
1 x User Manual1 x USB Cable
 1 x Pen Holder
1 x Small Drawing Board
1X scissors
2 x Silicone Fingertip Protectors ( Color Random )

1.5V/ 2A voltage must be supplied for reliable operation
2. The tip of 3D printing pen is made of ceramic, pls do not crash any hard things.
 3. Pls choose the right mode base on your filament type,otherwise it will

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