daerduotutu Kpop Bangtan Boys Posters Korean Singer Band Hobby Canvas Painting Living Room Home Decor A379 50×70CM Without Frame

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Price: £22.09


  • The color posters are printed in high quality, suitable for every living space!
  • Various designs and images look great on any wall. It is your inspiration for decorating and designing rooms.
  • All high-quality canvas posters are borderless, frameless, and non-sticky.Each product is individually wrapped in shrink film and is not rolled too tight.
  • Posters are suitable for walls in living rooms, homes, bars, cafes, offices, etc. It can also be decorated on furniture or cars.
  • We also provide customized services, if you have the desired pattern or size, you can write to us. We will serve you.

We believe that your wall should not be boring, and your home should be a space for storytelling. Let us help you change the space.
Bring your walls to life with a canvas print that suits your style.
Suit For:
Ideal accent item for any bathroom, vanity, master bathroom.
kitchen, vacation home, hotel bathroom, perfect gift for her.
for Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays any holidays & occasions.
Note: Only the painting contains, not including the frame. Frameless wall oil picture is suitable for DIY frame, easy to hang.

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