Logic Roots Multiplication and Division Games – Pack of 2, Pet Me and Big Catch, Math Board Games and STEM Toys for 8 – 12 Year Olds, Learning Gift for Kids, Homeschoolers, Grade 1 and Up

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  • EXCITING MULTIPLICATION AND DIVISION COMBO – The pack includes two fun math board games. In Pet Me, kids go on a adventure to feed dogs, cats and parrots whereas in Big Catch, kids help fishermen reach home while venturing out in the sea. They will master multiplication and division facts along the way.
  • MULTIPLE SKILL LEVELS AND HIGHER MATH PRACTICE – Both games have a host of engaging levels with math integrated in each step. Perfect for kids between the ages of 5 to 12 (grade 1 and up) and aligned with elementary school education. Beginners level and adaptable rules make them suitable for younger players too.
  • EASY TO START AND PLAY ALONG – The instructions are super easy to learn and kids can get started in a jiffy. To get ahead, players use tiles and cards in the collaborative game of Pet Me and variety of cards in the mind game of Big Catch. These indoor table-top games build social skills through interactive play.
  • AWARD-WINNING HIGH QUALITY STEM TOYS – These toys have won several awards for their effectiveness in math learning. They boost memory and improve concentration, which are critical to stem building activities. Each high grade component in the box is designed for superb durability so children can enjoy it over time.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR AGES 5 AND UP – This pack of popular brain games make for a unique Christmas present for boys and girls. Logic Roots aims to encourage fun learning while exploring core math concepts. Enjoy this game combo at your next family game night, kids party or as part of classroom or home school learning activities.

Style Name:Pet Me + Big Catch

Story and Concept

In the first One:
Pet Wonderland is a beautiful pet park that is home to lovely pets. They are all very hungry and waiting for you to visit the Park. Master one and two digit division on the way!
And in the second one:
there lived 4 fishermen.One day they landed on an island left with only fishing nets & cold storage boxes.There is only one way to get back home.They have to go fishing and divide the catch equally among the villagers of the island.You will play the role of the fishermen. Happy BIG CATCHing!

Skills Addressed
Basic & advanced Divisions
Use of divisibility rules
Strategic Planning

Practice jump
11x more practice than traditional class time and worksheets
At Logic Roots, we are passionate about Math and work with the vision of Reinventing how kids practice Math through gamification of its concepts. Our Board Games, Card Games and Apps are widely used by top schools and homeschooling parents to help their boys and girls fall in love with Math.

Target group
Grade 2 and above || 7 years and above
How it works
In the first game, Roll the dice, move your pawn to the spots near the pets, Feed the pets and adopt them. The player who adopts most number of pets wins!
In the other game, The player picks a card,lets say -14.The player has to divide the 14 fishes among 3 villagers belonging to a particular island.This means 4 fishes per per villager and 2 to spare.Similar to the previous case, we have a plethora of activities to increase the amount of practice and fun at the same time!

Contents of the box
Pet Me Box
– 1 Gameboard
– 4 Play Pawns
– 1 Dice
– 1 Box of 55 Food Pieces & 1 Box of 48 Pet Tags
– 36 Pet Cards
– 1 Bag of 50 Red Hearts & 30 Pink Hearts
– 1 rule book
Big Catch Box
– 36 fishing cards
– 4 Fishermen pawns
– 50 fish pieces
– 1 Gameboard

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