Otes Toddler Golf Club Set Golf Cart with Wheels, Kids Golf Set, 4 Colorful Golf Sticks & 4 Balls & 2 Practice Holes, Toddles Golf Games Toy, Early Education and Development Sport Toy Gifts

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  • 【More components & happiness】 – The golf set contains 4 colorful golf sticks, 4 balls, 2 practice holes, and a hitting mat. We have made stickers for the decoration pictures of the outer packaging, and the children can decorate the golf cart themselves. This enhances their hands-on ability and imagination. The realistic lawn simulates the real fairway, allowing children to feel the atmosphere of the golf course. Suitable for indoor and outdoor.
  • 【Exercise in play】 – The golf games set is not only a toy, but also an excellent tool for toddles to exercise. Golf may not be an intense sport, But kids use many muscles of the body during the swing. It can enhance children’s physical coordination, exercise upper limb muscles, back and legs, and promote the healthy development of joints and ligaments.
  • 【Promote children’s intellectual development】 – In the process of playing, children think about how much force they need to hit the ball into the hole and which angle to hit, which can improve their spatial imagination and analysis skills. Playing golf requires a high degree of concentration, so exposing your child to contact with golf can develop your child’s concentration and patience. Children can grow up more independently.
  • 【Promote parent-child communication】 – In leisure time, parents can teach their children how to play golf and teach by example. Kids can enhance self-confidence in studies and increase their trust in parents. With the design of two practice holes, children can have fun contests with family and friends, enhance mutual feelings and share happy time. Addition, children can reduce the time spent on electronic products while enjoying outdoor time.
  • 【High-quality materials】 – Use lightweight and durable PE material, specially designed for babies. Adult golf clubs are too heavy for children, and children are very easy to hurt themselves during use. But our products are specially designed for children, the size and weight are suitable for babies. As a gift to children, they will love it very much!

All accessories of the Otes kids golf club set can be installed on the golf cart. There are 16 accessories in total, equipped with a hitting mat and a retractable pull rod, which is easy to play and carry, made of environmentally friendly materials, which is safe for children and adults.

The Otes Kids Golf Club set has a total of 16 accessories, which can help children learn about golf games and develop the habit of exercise.
Sport games promote children’s physical and mental development, promote the development of children’s upper limbs, joints, muscles and ligaments, while enhancing children’s keen observation, imagination, judgment and patience.
Your child will learn to be patient, calm, focused, and to never give up. These are important skills to have.
Golf club sets create an opportunity for parents and children to spend a good time together and enhance parent-child relationship.
Whether it’s a boy or a girl, they will love this wonderful gift on ordinary holidays, birthdays, or parties.

Package Contents:
1 x Golf Cart with Flexible Wheels
1 x Golf Hitting Mat
4 x Colorful Golf Sticks
4 x Golf Colorful Balls
2 x Golf Holes
2 x Colorful buntings
2 x Golf Bases

Warm Tips:
Place Keep away from the fire, please use it under adult.

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