Paint Brush Set for Kids, Arts Supplies, 14 Shapes and Sizes (250 Pieces)

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Price: £21.99


  • Paint Brush Set: This set of 250 paint brush set features a varity of brushes for kids and artist including sponge brushes, fine tip brushes, large brushes, and small brushes
  • Multi-Purpose: Use the paint brushes to create a handful of art and DIY projects; ideal for staining, painting, touch up work, applying adhesives and arts and crafts
  • High Quality: The brush set for paint is made of quality plastic and bristles
  • Dimensions: The paint brushes come in different sizes and measures between 3.8 inches to 7.2 inches

Made from plastic material, this paint brush set is perfect for kids and artists who love to paint. Use the paint brushes to make a sign, decorate scrapbooks, paint in a canvas, or create party decorations. The brushes are also ideal for applying adhesives, arts and crafts, DIY projects or touch-up work. Includes 250 paint brushes that come in 14 sizes and designs to ensure you have enough for multiple projects. To clean, simply rinse immediately after use and leave to dry.

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