PIPIHUA Fitness Hoola Hoops for Adults and Kids,6-8 Sections Easily Adjustable,Soft Weighted Exercise Hoop,Gift for Beginners/Children/Teens/Ladies Lose Weight,with Steel Wire Skipping Rope

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  • 【Best exercise choice】:Hoola hoop is a great way of exercising because it helps to strengthen your core and tone up your whole body. However, as you get stronger, you will need a heavier hoola hoop . This is why this PIPIHUA soft Weighted hoola hoop is so great because it allows you to adjust the weight .
  • 【Safe and odorless sweat-absorbent material】:Each part of the hoola hoop is made of soft skin-friendly EVA foam and wrapped with a high-quality and durable PE plastic core, which can protect the waist from injury and absorb sweat produced during exercise.
  • 【Suitable for different people】:A hoola hoop consists of 8 sections. You can assemble only 6 or 7 sections to form a hoola hoop. (6 sections with a diameter of 75cm: suitable for children; 7 sections with a diameter of 88cm: suitable for people under 50 kg; 8 sections with a diameter of 95cm: suitable for people over 50 kg)
  • 【Massage and fitness at the same time】:The inner ring of the hoola hoop adopts a wave-shaped design, which can massage the body while rotating. If you use it for a long time, you will get a perfect figure.
  • 【Complimentary wire skipping rope worth 9.9£】:Equipped with double-bearing steel wire skipping rope, the rope length is 2.8m, the skipping rope is made of strong PVC material, very durable. 10 minutes of skipping rope is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging. It can not only exercise the coordination of the brain but also benefit the development of intelligence.

Hoola Hoop——A convenient and effective fitness exercise,anytime, anywhere,suitable for everyone who wants to exercise.It is even more effective than sports such as jogging, yoga, cycling, sit-ups and swimming.

Benefits of hoola hoop
①Effective weight loss
②Exercise the muscles of the waist, abdomen, buttocks and legs
③Improve the flexibility and flexibility of the human body
④Treat constipation

Training plan
①4-6 times a week
② 2-3 groups each time, each group of 20-30 minutes
③ Rest 20-30 minutes between each group,no more than 45 minutes
④Beginner:At least three times a week, 2-3 groups each time,each group of 5-10 minutes(You can be adjusted according to your own needs)

Package included
1 x Hoola Hoop (8 knots)
1 x Skipping Rope

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