ROBUD Wooden Dollhouse With Furniture Set Large Dollhouse Toy for Kids

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Price: £59.99


  • Outstanding Design – This vibrant dolls house is a child’s dream home offering 3 floors, 1 balcony and 3 rooms. This play set is made from high-quality wood, which stands at 70cm tall.
  • Much of Fun – Let your child’s creativity flourish with those furniture pieces and home accessories! This toy will develop the manual skill of boys and girls by making assemblies.
  • Easy to Assemble – Without the headache from overcomplicated assemblies! Our doll houses come with step-by-step instructions to help you better understand the assemble.Patience and Confidence are necessary factors to finish the mechanical model.
  • Meaningful Family Time – Set up the house with your child together. The joy this product brought to your family by bonding time and memories made while putting it together is priceless. Enjoying the leisure time with your child.
  • Perfect Gifts – Beautifully packaged and well presented. Educational birthday christmas gifts for your children.

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