SHANDP Car Track Toys Assembly Adventure with 9 Puzzles and Levels, Skill Development Toy Playset Helps Develop Kids Brain and Hands-on Ability(No Battery Required)

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  • 1. Material–Car Track Toys is made from high quality ABS material, Smooth and without burr, Good toughness and not easy to break, you can repeatedly disassemble and play
  • 2. Unique design–Unique design of the track beautiful and practical, and the unique buckle design is strong and stable. Colorful tracks and freely splicing colors
  • 3. Multi-layer track–Three-dimensional multi-layer track, which is good for stimulating children’s creativity,hands-on ability and imagation
  • 4. Kids friendly design–The toy playset helps teach kids simple mechanics and develop problem-solving skills
  • 5. Ideal gift — Perfect gift idea for kids. Now Kids have loads of fun and spend hours playing with the creative car adventure

Car Track Toys is good for help your kids expand, develop, and strengthen a variety of skills, unlike many electronic toys on the market. Our product is not only fun,
but it gives you a way to spend time with your child, in a more productive and interactive way.

1. Detachable and easy to carry
2. Colorful tracks that can be spliced freely
3. Training Kids Concentration,thinking and hands-on
4. No battery required


Step 1: Press the red station button to send the bus on thego to the first level.

Step 2: Press the red turntable button to direct the carspinning around to the second level.

Step 3: Press the green turntable button to send car tomountain top- the third level.

Step 4: Press the yellow jump button to send car to spinningairplane-the forth level.

Step 5: Operate the joystick to link bridge to get to fifth level.

Step 6: Operate the gray joystick to lift cars by crane toget to sixth level.

Please stay away from children under the age of three.

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