WolfWalkers The Board Game – Original Adventure Family Board Game – Unique Animated Magic World – Fun and Engaging Board Game for Kids Ages 6 and Up – Beautiful Illustrations

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  • A UNIQUE UNIVERSE: Based on the film WolfWalkers this board game pictures a stunning universe in the magical lands of Ireland, where Robyn Goodfellowe and her father have set to wipe out the last wolf pack. Your task is simple: complete a wolf soul before soldiers find its Lair. You have to take the best roads through the woods, collect runes, buy different tiles, and avoid the soldiers.
  • STUNNING ILUSTRATIONS for ART LOVERS: This board game was developed together with studio responsible for the film and illustrated by people who were also creating the film. Some illustrations in the game were specifically made for the game and can’t be found nowhere else.
  • FAMILY FUN: Spend unique family moments with the WolfWalkers board game, an innovative playset designed for kids and adults who are ready for some adventure! Be brave, smart, agile, and kind to master this game.
  • ADDED VALUE: This adventure board game is not all about fun. Through its multiple player modes, you can teach your kids how to cooperate and stretch their thinking. Support their innovative ideas and strategic mind!
  • FOR EVERYONE TO PLAY: This kid’s board game has virtually no limits! Great for kids as young as 6 years old, our adventure game was designed to help the family bond. It has easy to follow rules and 4 game modes (three cooperative ones and one competitive game mode) with varying levels of difficulty.

We always put your family’s happiness first. Using some of the most creative minds in the field, we have developed a unique family board game that introduces you to a world of adventure where courage, kindness, and agility lay the foundation of the new and old generations. Enter the world of the WolfWalkers and try to win this amazing game, all while having fun with your loved ones.

Why is this product for you?

This stunning family board game is the right option for any free afternoon. Filled with adventure, danger, and magic, the world of the Wolf Walkers is the perfect place to test your courage, kindness, and instinct. This board game for kids features unique, high-quality illustrations that everyone will love. The box comes with everything you need for a complete experience designed for kids ages 6+.

Some of the amazing features of this product:

  • Unique family board game;
  • Made with top-quality materials;
  • Designed for kids ages 6-99 years old;
  • 2-4 players;
  • Time per session: 10-30 min;
  • Easy to follow rules;
  • 4 game modes;
  • Superb illustrations;
  • Designed to help improve cooperation skills and strategic thinking;
  • The complete game includes: actual board, a custom die, 4 wolfwalkers figures with plastic stands, 2 soldier paws, 35 rune tokens, 4 wolfwalker tiles, 60 tiles, a special tile, and the rulebook.


Spend excellent family time and try out the amazing WolfWalkers The Board Game!

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